The rustling of the trees – A poetic journey of discovery

An Audiowalk Park in the Green Rüschlikon commissioned by Migros Kulturprozent

The story of a grandmother who has to offer her grandson something because the theater performance could not take place. Instead, she takes the child on a journey into the past, to her son’s favorite playgrounds. Because the grandson’s dad had already spent many hours in the park. The walk takes you to different parts of the park and to the big questions in life. It begins with the large poster in the entrance area.

Direction and idea: Diana Rojas-Feile
Text: Seraina Kobler
Music and sound design: Victor Moser
Speakers: Camilla Gomes dos Santos, Linus Mittmann and Bella Neri
Graphics: Miriam Hempel
Production: Migros Culture Percentage