Work 4.5 (2016)

Work 4.5 is an eventful “listening and running film” by Zurich’s neighborhoods 4 & 5. Self and constantly we are challenged, promoted, called and warned: Be focused, be creative, be special, or you will be singled out! Your life has become a succession of projects. Actually you are one project. A project that you need to organize optimally and efficiently with the wise use of resources. A project in which you can realize yourself. For this, it is important to make decisions and to live with the consequences. In your social relationships, living situations, finances and work you live and work through the principle of independence. The poetry of self-employment? Calculus and passion. Welcome to work life! WORK 4.5 sends its participants on a journey into the heart of Zurich neighborhoods 4 & 5. In the circus “Kreis Cheib” we meet different protagonists, i.a. a juice bar creator, an innovative daycare founder, a digital day laborer, a work psychologist, a futurologist, a critical sociologist and Mr. Langstrasse. They are on-site or on-the-go as travel companions – as part of a touching and surprising documentary-fictional audio montage.