“Solo-alone-in Solitude”  

Interdisciplinary art project and installation in co-production with the Kaserne Basel and artlink 

If we could hear loneliness, what would it sound like? What would lonely objects tell us if they could speak, and why do we humans find it so difficult to talk about loneliness? Is it perhaps our own fault if we feel lonely, or is it society’s responsibility to ensure that people do not become lonely in the first place – in old people’s homes, in asylum centres, or on the street? And why is it that some people can sit alone in a room for hours meditating, while others feel lonely even in the midst of their family? 

In Solo-Alone-in Solitude, an interdisciplinary group of artists* led by director Diana Rojas-Feile reflect on these questions together with people aged 11 to 82 who live in Basel. The result is a three-day, multi-perspective art installation: an interactive and sensual meeting place for people who want to reflect together on the topic of loneliness. 

In the walk-in installation, visitors have the opportunity to listen to a multi-voice live radio programme, do a guided meditation in the dark, listen to the Surprise street choir and meet a wide variety of people who have themselves been affected by loneliness, among other things. The three days will be rounded off with a panel discussion in which visitors are invited to discuss with loneliness experts from the fields of art, politics and science. 

Date: from Friday 23 (18:00) to Sunday 25 September 2022 (18:00)

Live radio broadcast on Radio X Saturday 24. 2022 (17:00 – 19:00 )

Artistic direction, direction, concept Diana Rojas-Feile 
Production management and organisation Markus Baumann (artlink)  
Sound design, music, sound Victor Moser 
Dramaturgy, writing workshops, text editing Ralph Tharayil
Listening sessions, psychological inputs Luzius Heydrich 
Installation, Room Emyl – Valérie Hess and Raphael Höglhammer 
Songwriting Workshops Jennifer Perez aka La Nefera 
Lighting design, technology Thomas Kohler
Photography Donata Ettlin 
Assistance Salome Rodriguez Bär

Thanks to all interview partners: Mirian Diz, Sayed Tareq, Peter Widmer, Malfino, Benjamin, Madelon de Maa, Simon Mangold a.o.

Partners in the project Pro Senectute beider Basel, Surprise Strassenchor, Expat Verein Basel Connect, Neubadschulhaus Klasse 4a, Sekundarschule St. Alban 6. Klasse, Telehilfe Basel – die Dargebotene Hand Basel, Internetcafé Planet 13, zen-integral.com and other organisations. 

 With the support of Präsidialdepartement Basel Stadt, Abteilung Kultur, Kulturvermittlung, Christoph Merian Stiftung, Stiftung für Radio und Kultur Schweiz SRKS, Sophie und Karl-Bindig-Stiftung.