Sound installation from the perspective of refugees. She deals artistically with topics such as data protection, flight and digital control.

In a polyphonic sound collage, refugees think aloud about their relationship and the function of their smartphones – in different realities in their lives: in their country, on the run and in Switzerland. With their experiences, they portray current issues on globally virulent issues such as human rights, privacy and migration in sharp lines.

Barbara Weber and Diana Rojas, together with people with a refugee background, direct their interest in people and their smartphones whose flight has just ended here in Switzerland. They are still in a kind of limbo – situation in which it is not clear whether they will receive the desired protection here.

Smartphone is an individual listening experience and at the same time offers scope for collective reflection. The contents refer to documentary and biographical researched material.

Stationen im öffentlichen Raum und im Hotel Spirgarten am Lindenplatz, wo die Soundinstallation individuell in einem Hotelzimmer besucht werden kann.

Version, concept, content Barbara Weber, Diana Rojas and team.
Installation and graphics Sara Giancane, Zuni Halpern, Nora Halpern.
Sound design & music composition Michael Sauter
A co-production by Transit Productions, the Bern legal advice center for people in need (Zurich/Bern) with the festival about us!.
In cooperation with the Kulturhaus Helferei, Zurich, the House of Religions in Bern and UNHCR, Bern

With the kind support of the Cassinelli Vogel Foundation