Poison and bile.

If you don’t want to hear, you have to feel. A radio play by Klaus Enser-Schlag, radio play series “Schreckmümpfeli” SRF 1

Guardian angel Amadeus wants to help Roger because he wants to commit suicide several times. Roger has many reasons: his wife has cheated on him with his brother and he is pregnant with triplets. On top of that, he is being bullied by his boss. Amadeus saves him again and again and tries to convince him that life is a beautiful thing after all. Roger refuses to be convinced by Amadeus’ well-intentioned advice and calls him good-natured.
His ex-wife Marie Claire also thinks Amadeus is too kind-hearted and should not interfere. In another rescue operation for Roger, Amadeus loses one of his wings. He then decides to undergo radical retraining and now becomes an angel of death. Listen here!

With: Lotti Happle (Marie-Claire), Joachim Aeschlimann (Roger), Aaron Hitz (Amadeus).
Director: Diana Rojas-Feile.
Sound engineering: Roli Fatzer.
Production: Swiss radio and television SRF 2020.

Gift und Galle_- Diana Rojas
Gift und Galle_- Diana_Rojas_