Malleus Maleficarum 2.2

Audiowalk for Esch2022 Luxembourg – European Capital of Culture

Along an auditory trail on the Haard hill in Dudelange, this trail invites you to discover the power of the women of today and yesteryear. Whatever role she takes on, the modern witch is defined by her inner strength, by her intellectual and emotional freedom, by the simple fact of her self-determination. Accompanied by the voice of the snake woman, we’ll hear from women from all walks of life. Download the Roude Fuedem app in advance and don’t forget to bring your headphones. At the start, scan the only QR code on the route to start the radio walk while following the signs with the red reels.

Our “Malleus Maleficarum 2.2” is a remix of the dusty old book “Hammer of the Witches”, (i.e. hammer against witches) which was published in the 15th century, and which describes the nature of witches: how to interrogate them, imprison and condemn them, and kill them. This book was used in the witch-hunt and was one of the most popular works of the Renaissance in Europe…

But we are all heirs to the witches they couldn’t kill back then! With this audio walk, we investigate the power of women in the past and in the present. Accompanied by the voice of the serpent woman (also known in Dudelange legend as Ermesinde or Elisabeth du Mont St.Jean), we will encounter the voices of women living in and around Dudelange, and discover the power or persecution of modern-day witches.

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Direction, Storyline, Research Diana Rojas-Feile  
Text, Research Jean Bürlesk & Mandy Thiery
Urban designer Stéphanie Laruade
Music, sound design Michael Sauter
Sound technician Luka Tonnar
Photographer Bohumil Kostohryz
IT Nicolas Brauch
Voice Over Nicole Steiner
Production manager Mirka Costanzi
Curator Tammy Reichling