An interactive listening experience, designed by Mandarina&Co, created in co-production with the Fabriktheater der Rote Fabrik Zürich, the Theater Chur, the Theater im GZ Buchegg and with the support of the Fundaziun Nairs.

The forest is always there. Compared to him we are small and short-lived – he is huge and imposing, he amazes us. In the forest, the trees are connected to each other via enormous underground networks, with which they not only communicate, but also feed each other or warn of danger. Through them we understand how vital connection is. We need to think about how we humans are connected to nature. We can no longer ignore the fact that the threat to nature is also becoming our own threat. The forest also stands for nature, which is as powerful as it is vulnerable, and which is enormously endangered by climate change.

The forest comes to the theater and we are right in the middle.

“Forest” is an immersive theater experience for people aged 8 and over and is designed as an interactive performance in which the participants are in the middle of a common space. We want to explore and experience how we are part of this wild, this monstrous nature. We ask ourselves: how am I responsible for this nature of which I am a part? The audience experiences a complex journey through headphones: interviews and the voices of different people alternate with narratives and playful experience and quiz elements. The “Wald Room” performance venue invites you to feel, discover, smell and listen.

Concept & direction: Diana Rojas-Feile.
Artistic advice: Corsin Gaudenz.
Dramaturgy: Elisa Elwert.
Performance: Victor Moser and Diana Rojas-Feile.
Music composition & sound design: Victor Moser.
Room concept & costumes: Theres Indermaur.
Technology & Light: Viktoras Zemeckas.
Sound engineer: Angi Nend
Amazon song: Ibã Huni Kuin
Pájaro-cocho (wooden instrument he invented himself): Marco Scarasatti.
Production management: Kathrin Linder, Mirjam Berger
Production assistance & art education: Pierina Bernetta
Graphic & visual design: Miriam Hempel.
Photography: Momir Cavic, Maria Cheilpoulou.
3D graphics: Christian Indermaur.
Many thanks to: Barbara Ellenberger.

With the support of:

City of Zurich Culture, Canton Zurich Culture Department, Pro Helvetia, Swiss Cultural Foundation, SWISSLOS/Cultural Promotion Canton Graubünden, Foundation for Radio and Culture Switzerland SRKS & Swissperform, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Non-Profit Society of the Canton of Zurich, Migros Culture Percentage