A Video Walk through the city of Bern

Experience Bern through the eyes of Firas Shamsan, filmmaker, blogger and photographer who fled Yemen: With smartphone and headphones, he walks through a city in which Firas Shamsan talks about his daily life, about new beginnings and wishes for the future, and about great geographical and mental barriers.

“A Walk to Myself” is a collaboration between refugees and theatre professionals. In this video walk, Firas Shamsam thinks aloud about his daily life. His mobile phone always plays a central role: as a storage device for photos, videos and documents, but also as a source of information and a tool for travelling. Reflecting on the relationships between electronic images, desires and present realities, a complex investigation of memories, hopes and blind spots emerges in relation to current questions about virulent global issues such as human rights and privacy.

By and with Firas Shamsan, Barbara Weber, Diana Rojas-Feile, Michael Sauter, Bülent Zengin and others. 

A production of “volldabei und vollaufgeklärt” of the Legal Advice Centre for People in Need in Bern, in cooperation with Transit Productions, the Festival about us! Zurich, Bühnen Bern, Theater Basel, Kulturhaus Helferei Zurich, isa-Fachstelle Migration Bern, UNHCR Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

More information https://transit-productions.ch/a-walk-to-myself/