An interactive music performance in co-production Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik Zurich, Theater Chur, Jungspund Festival St. Gallen, Roxy Birsfelden

Have you already been angry today? What do you do when you get really angry? Throw your cell phone against the wall? Or just smile and pretend it didn’t happen? Anger is a powerful emotion. It can be destructive and stressful. But anger also gives us energy and makes visible when boundaries have been violated. It is an indication of injustice, of situations that need to be changed. So anger has the potential to become a motor for change. Together we will explore the questions: How do I relate to my anger? What power resides in this anger? Where does it destroy relationships, objects or a political discourse? And where does it help to see things more clearly?

«Anger» is a performance and multimedia installation. The participants wear headphones and actively co-create the event. By listening to personal interviews, with playful interactive moments and lots of live music, you will dive into your own rage and into the power of that emotion. The performance builds a bridge from individual experience to socio-political significance.

We invite you to unabashedly bathe in your own rage while reflecting together on questions of political participation and basic democratic principles.

More Infos: 

Direction, Text, Concept Diana Rojas-Feile
Performance Fabian Chiquet, Joël Fonsegrive, Victor Moser und Diana Rojas-Feile 
Dramaturgy Elisa Elwert 
Music composition, sound design: Club für Melodien
Room, Costumes Theres Indermaur
Psychological Input Luzius Heydrich
Motion Design Christian Indermaur
Light conceptThomas Kohler
Production, Art education Kathrin Linder
Artistic Advisor Corsin Gaudenz 
Production Assistant Dorothea Blank
Graphic Design Miriam Hempel
Photopraphy Nelly Rodriguet

Many thanks to  HORA laboratory, to the 5th grade of the Entlisberg school, the secondary school Vorder Zelg and the Erlenho Center, all interview partners: Dr. Verena Kast, Frank (Er), Pitch, Simon, Maret, Christoph Ditzler, Bartholome, Lola Nugel, Serafin, Michel, Simon Stuber, Cécile Creuzburg, Matthias Grandjean, Lucas Maurer, Matthias Brücker, u.a.

With the support of City of Zurich Culture, Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council, Canton of Zurich Culture Office, SWISSLOS/Canton of Graubünden Culture Promotion, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Elisabeth Weber Foundation, SIS Swiss Performers Foundation, Albert Huber Foundation, Migros Culture Percentage