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About trying to understand why people always want to be better than their human counterparts
a radio project with the concept Office of the rote Fabrik Zurich

Growth is considered a logical cultural pattern. It is almost always positively perceived and valued and seen as a given reality and as a key to happiness. The contributors think aloud in the radio play “+ -0%” about this topic: Why do people always want to have more and always be better? Is this rush of growth a metaphysical idea of infinity? Have we come to a dead end with our system? What longings are hidden behind it? Are these longings and the associated desire for happiness through growth not a mirage? The idea of happiness is a philosophical concept: to be happy is the highest and most urgent goal of man. Actually, capitalism should enable people to live a good life. Have we choked on this “panacea” a bit?

PARTICIPANTS: The 22-year-old bodybuilder Simon Nehmer, the 97-year-old Mathilde Schwender, the social psychologist, Professor Dr. Harald Walzer, the Avenir Suisse economist Marco Salvi, the cosmetic surgeon Dr. Cynthia Wolfensberger, the artist Felix Brenner and the philosopher Dr. Jens Badura.

Director / Concept / Text: Diana Rojas
Music / editing: Michael Sauter
Speaker: Fabienne Hadorn and Kaspar Weiss
Certification according to ISO 14001: Michael Stauffer