Flee home: rivers, tears, sea (2018)

All water flows into the sea. The sea is infinity. It makes you lose, arouses longing or gives you security. In boats, people on the run cross the seas, they fight their way through rivers and from one continent to another.  In «Escape to Home», 40 young people dealt with the topic of flight and migration on an imagined twelve-day odyssey. The young people travel on rivers, cross seas and arrive where they have been dreaming: home.  The audio plays written in the project “Escape to Home” were presented to the public for the first time on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 in the large exhibition hall of the Kunstmuseum Thurgau. }

Director: Diana Rojas-Feile 
Music composition: Michael Sauter 
Text development: Donat Blum 
With guests from: Afghanistan and Syria 
Photos: Nathalie Guinand 
Production: Markus Baumann, artlink, office for cultural cooperation