As an art mediator and project manager I would like to arouse creative thinking and curiosity about the listening and performing arts. I develop projects with children, teenagers, older people, refugees, students, young migrants, long-term unemployed and adults in various contexts, such as universities, colleges, theatres, primary, secondary, cantonal and vocational schools, youth clubs, MUS_E and am involved in integration courses.

My contents are creative thinking and writing, improvisation, performance competence, body language, communication training, intercultural communication, acting, composition, performance and directing.

The focus of my work lies in the development of creative projects based on biographies, thoughts, feelings and the imagination of all participants.

Here is my detailed career as an art mediator: Diana_Rojas_Feile_CV_ Art_Education


2018 Winner "Funkenflieger" Fachstelle Kulturvermittlung Kanton Aargau with "I thought we are all human beings" in cooperation with Artlink
2017 Competition "Komet" competition for cultural mediation offers, Kulturamt Thurgau with "home run" in cooperation with Artlink.
2016 competition «Safari» Department of Education, Culture and Sport Canton Aargau with "I thought we are all human" in collaboration with Artlink.
2016 Competition «Agora» SNSF with "Work 4.5" in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen
2015 Competition "tête-à-tête" Program Education and Culture Canton Bern with "Listen!" In cooperation with Artlink.
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